Endorsement by Curtis Hill


"Vicki Becker was my first choice for Chief Deputy Prosecutor 16 years ago when I was proud to be elected Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney. 

Vicki Becker was my choice, and the overwhelming choice in the special election to succeed me as Prosecuting Attorney. 

Vicki Becker is now my choice and has my vote for Prosecuting Attorney on May 8th. 

Join me, Curtis T. Hill Jr. and vote for Vicki Becker as Elkhart County’s Prosecuting Attorney ."

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Endorsement by Erika Monroe, Victim

"After 25 years, I had given up hope that the monster who raped me when I was a 10-year old child would ever be caught. It was because of Vicki Becker’s unwavering belief in me, her tenacity, and her vast experience that not only was my cold case solved, but she made sure he will never be able to hurt another child again.

There is no better candidate than Vicki Becker for Elkhart County’s Prosecuting Attorney.

—Erika Monroe, Rape Victim

Endorsement by Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 52

On behalf of the Law Enforcement Officers of the Fraternal Order of Police. Lodge 52, Elkhart County, Indiana, we proudly endorse Vicki Elaine Becker for Prosecuting Attorney. Vicki has dedicated countless hours of training and support for our Officers and has consistently made herself available to support police with her expertise in criminal law. Never making decisions based upon a political or personal agenda. Vicki has always demonstrated an objective level of professionalism, regardless of who the victim, or the offender, may be.

Vicki has the courage to take on the challenging cases. and aggressively pursue accountability of offenders at a level that stands out in the entire region. Vicki is known throughout not only Elkhart County, but well beyond its borders as an extremely tough, but fair. prosecutor, and we are fortunate to have her as our partner in community safety.

Please join us in supporting Vicki Becker for Prosecuting Attorney on May 8 at the Primary Election. There is no better candidate, no better leader. and no better advocate for the safety of our community. 

—Jason R. Ray, President, Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 52

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Endorsement by Bradley Rogers, Sheriff Elkhart County

"I am endorsing Vicki Becker for Prosecuting Attorney as I believe she is the best candidate for the Office. Vicki has served our community for almost 20 years and I have personally witnessed the high level of professionalism, skill, and expertise she has provided as a prosecutor. Vicki strives to train and develop other Deputy Prosecutors, as well as our local law enforcement officers, to provide the highest caliber of performance and work product to protect our community by identifying offenders and holding them accountable for their actions.

Throughout my career in law enforcement in Elkhart County, Vicki has remained a constant partner in serving on many boards and committees toward the improved collaboration of multi-disciplinary efforts to improve the criminal justice system. With her knowledge, experience, and cooperative spirit in her role as the Prosecuting Attorney, we have been able to accomplish the formation of a countywide Homicide Unit, as well as sustain a very effective Intelligence and Covert Enforcement Unit in Elkhart County. Since taking over as our Prosecutor, Vicki has been open to implementing a Drug Court for Elkhart County, which I support. Significant progress has been made on starting the Drug Court to reduce recidivism among those people who are charged with non-violent drug offenses.

Elkhart County will continue to benefit from the leadership and talent of Vicki Becker by electing her Prosecutor of Elkhart County. Please join me in supporting and voting for Vicki in the Primary Election on May 8, 2018."

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Endorsement by James Elliott, Coroner Elkhart County


I, James P. Elliott, Coroner of Elkhart County, Indiana, completely and fully endorse Vicki Becker as our Prosecuting Attorney in Elkhart County. Vicki has the experience and knowledge to take the Prosecutor’s Office to the next level.

In her 18+ years of criminal prosecuting, Vicki had tried over 50 murder trials. These are the most difficult crimes to prosecute that require months and sometimes years of evidence gathering to make sure the right person is held responsible for these horrendous crimes. Vicki does not back down from the tough cases to prosecute.

Vicki was also very instrumental in implementing the Elkhart County Homicide Unit. This brought representatives from all of the law enforcement agencies in Elkhart County together. Prior to this Homicide Unit being implemented, each law enforcement agency investigated their own homicides and unusual death cases. Without saying one agency did better investigations than others, they each did them differently. Now with the Homicide Unit being in place, all homicides and unusual death cases are investigated the same way with techniques from each agency being used. Since the Coroner’s Office works closely with all law enforcement agencies and the Homicide Unit, we have seen the positive changes by having each case investigated the same way by the Homicide Unit.

These are just a few reasons I am asking you to join me in supporting and voting for Vicki Becker as the Elkhart County Prosecutor.



Endorsement by Wade Branson, Goshen Chief of Police


I have known and worked with Prosecutor Vicki Becker for almost twenty years. I first worked with her when she was a Deputy Prosecutor and I was working in the Goshen Drug Unit. I worked closely with her on the preparation of search warrants and she was the lead Deputy Prosecutor in many of our drug trials; we successfully tried and convicted on every drug trial during my time in the Goshen Drug Unit.

Later, I was placed in charge of the first Elkhart County Interdiction and Covert Enforcement Unit. I, again, worked very closely with Prosecutor Becker and created a very successful investigative unit with her assistance.

As Chief of Police, I consult often with Ms. Becker in matters of law and case preparation and prosecution. She confidently pursues even the toughest cases. Vicki Becker is always professional, motivated, and possesses the utmost integrity.

Vicki Becker has earned my sincerest respect as well as my vote for Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney.