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The Experience, Strength and Commitment to Serve

Vicki currently serves as Elkhart's Prosecuting Attorney - elected by Republican Caucus to fill the remainder of Curtis Hill's term. She prior served as Elkhart's Chief Deputy Prosecutor for 14 years. She is fair, tough and dedicated to Elkhart's safety and justice for all.

Proven Experience

  • Served 14 years with Curtis Hill as Elkhart County’s Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.
  • 20 years of experience in the field of criminal prosecution.
  • Oversees multiple functions of the Prosecuting Attorney Office, including Child Support, Victim’s Assistance, Trial, and Pre-trial Diversion.
  • Leads the administrative duties, managing approximately 80 employees in one of the most progressive prosecuting attorney offices in the state.
  • Presents annual trainings to law enforcement officers to keep them up-to-date on changes in laws and appellate court decisions.

Tough on Crime

  • Prosecuted 100 felony trials - including 50 murders and grand jury trials.
  • Handles the toughest cases prosecuting homicides, drugs, molestation, and abuse – in excess of 1,000 criminal prosecutions in Elkhart County.
  • Engages the ICE Unit (Elkhart County Intelligence and Covert Enforcement) and local law enforcement on efforts to eliminate drug traffic in Elkhart County.
  • Oversees the Elkhart County Homicide Unit combining the Prosecuting Attorney Office with members from the Elkhart Police Department, the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department, and the Goshen Police Department.

Victim Advocate

  • Member of the Elkhart County Child Protection Team, the Elkhart County Child Fatality Review Board, and the Community Corrections Advisory Board.
  • Defends victims' rights to have their voices be heard and to pursue every case within the parameters of the law, Rules of Evidence, and ethical standards.
  • Assists single parents and guardians by aiding in the establishment of paternity and child support orders, and enforcement of delinquent payors.

Vicki actively participates in multiple monthly team forums with law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, probation officers, education professionals, and community members for a more effective criminal justice system.

Endorsement by Curtis Hill


"Vicki Becker was my first choice for Chief Deputy Prosecutor 16 years ago when I was proud to be elected Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney. 

Vicki Becker was my choice, and the overwhelming choice in the special election to succeed me as Prosecuting Attorney. 

Vicki Becker is now my choice and has my vote for Prosecuting Attorney on May 8th. 

Join me, Curtis T. Hill Jr. and vote for Vicki Becker as Elkhart County’s Prosecuting Attorney ."

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Endorsement by Erika Monroe, Victim


"After 25 years, I had given up hope that the monster who raped me when I was a 10-year old child would ever be caught. It was because of Vicki Becker’s unwavering belief in me, her tenacity, and her vast experience that not only was my cold case solved, but she made sure he will never be able to hurt another child again.

There is no better candidate than Vicki Becker for Elkhart County’s Prosecuting Attorney.

—Erika Monroe, Rape Victim