Experience Matters

Vicki's vast experience provides Elkhart County with the know-how to fairly prosecute the most complex criminal cases and serve victims to recover and lead productive lives. 

Vicki's Leadership: Outcomes of the Prosecutor's Office

Child Support  

  • Collections/disbursements were $23,052,681.00 (about +0.8%). 

  • Active case number as of 12/31/17 was approximately 10,100.  The total number of cases reviewed for possible assistance was approximately 60,000.  This workload is managed by approximately 25 staff members and 2 attorneys.

Criminal Trial Division

  • Filed approximately 7,254 criminal cases. 

  • Of these, approximately 4,876 cases were misdemeanors, and 2,378 cases were felonies (1,881 lower level felony cases and about 500 major felony cases with 7 murder cases). 

  • Reviewed approximately 1,343 juvenile cases, approximately 600 were filed as juvenile delinquency cases and approximately 287 were submitted for filing as juvenile status offenses.  The remaining juvenile cases were either declined due to evidentiary or discretionary reasons, or sent through the Informal Adjudication process which involves voluntary participation in a variety of programs and/or services through the Juvenile Probation Department. 

  • Although not “criminal” cases, our office handles traffic infractions as well when they go to trial.  The number of infractions filed in Elkhart County is just over 12,000; however, a relatively small percentage of these cases go to trial or require the expenditure of more significant attorney/staff resources from my office.  All of this workload is managed by approximately 18 attorneys and 10 staff.

  • Our newly formed Elkhart County Homicide Unit (official in August 2017) investigated approximately 24 cases involving suspicious deaths (mostly suicides) and/or child deaths.  Two (2) of these were homicides. 

ICE (Intelligence and Cover Enforcement) Unit

 Annual data is as follows:

  • Cases: 141

  • Defendants: 87

  • Search Warrants Served: 69

  • I.C.E. Arrests: 70

  • Intelligence Reports: 579

Drugs & Weapons Seized During Investigations:

  • Cocaine: approximately 716.13 g

  • Synthetic Drugs: approximately 1000.24 g

  • Meth: approximately 4878.72 g

  • Meth tablets: approximately 180.00 doses

  • Marijuana: approximately 2320.59 g

  • Marijuana wax: approximately 22.00 g

  • Heroin: approximately 224.59 g

  • Weapons Seized: 36   

Community Training and Development

Public Engagement

  • Citizen’s Academy - speaking to public service groups, presentations for schools and community child care providers regarding awareness of child abuse/neglect, and how to handle reports, domestic violence awareness
  • Art show of “Shout it Art – Survivor Art”
  • Victim’s Rights (Victim Advocates)
  • Career Days at local schools
  • Presentations about abusive cell phone uses to Jr. High students at Middlebury Community Schools,